Saturday, December 24, 2011

1st Holiday Outing- Janda Baik

Notes of school holidays 2011

3 out of 4 of my children are on holiday from mid-Nov until end -December.
1 will also be on holiday once her SPM exams finishes on 30 Nov 2011.

So, I planned a holiday on 1-3 Dec 2011.

1 Dec at 8am, we set our journey to our family favourite destination. Janda Baik. We stayed in Aman Rimba. You can check-out the website at

That very day, we went to Genting. Me + the kids (minus my wife who stayed at JB) went to the outdoor theme park. I let them be with themselves, while I took a spot at a cafe just relaxing & pondering the Greatness of Allah. When prayer time comes, I went to pray at the back of Arena of Stars. I did walk around both the outdoor & indoor theme parks & the only ride I went on was on a paddle boat.

They felt hungry (at last) at 5pm & we had Pizza Hut. Then off we went back to AmanRimba.

2 Dec, I woke up early and did my jogging around JB. Did some reading before going to Jumaat prayers at JB mosque. It was raining heavily. Evening was the usual futsal match with cousins.

3 Dec, my handphone just went out... Went back to KL to visit my subordinate's father who passed away. Climbed back to JB as I left my kids there, dipped into the nearby river & again pondering the Greatness of Allah.

We checked-out at 9pm after a splendid dinner in the jungle... I need to recover all my contacts & data in my handphone!!

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