Friday, March 14, 2014

The missing MH370

The Malaysia Airline flight MH370 went missing early Saturday morning 8th Mar 2014.

I have one relative onboard that plane. Her name is Suhaili Mustafa. She is my brother-in-law's (Lokman Mustafa) youngest sister. My sister Salina Mustaffa married Lokman Mustafa in 2006.

I was very sad to hear the news. What more, when that day, my sister came with her sons Hafiz, Raihan and Zarif Mustafa.

Anyway, as expected, there were many theories and views given by experts and ordinary people. They want to give their opinion. Above all, they wanted to truth.

The next day 9th Mar 2014, I already made my conclusion.

The plane went MISSING. Only Allah knows where the plane is.

This thing happened for a reason. Allah is reminding us all to come back to HIM. He is the GREATEST.

Okay, the search and rescue effort will continue. But DO NOT EVER leave the Allah factor.

I did not follow whatever theory people write or explain in the printed and electronic media. I saved a lot of time in not dwelling with all the conversation. I already leave it to Allah.

What happen in this world has a reason to it. Just learn the lesson from this incident.

Lessons learnt:-
1. There are many things that is in our control, BUT THERE ARE MANY THINGS BEYOND OUR CONTROL
2. Technology most of the time can help, BUT NOT EVERY TIME
3. Never forget the Allah factor. We will meet him one day, whether we like it or not. Allah is reminding us to come back to HIM

Surah AlBaqarah:3
"Those who believe in Ghaib and perform solat, and those whom we give rizk, they give back"

We must believe in the ghaib (devine). Then we must perform solat and we must give to the needy.
I pray to Allah to protect the people in MH370. My tag-line "If you have Allah, you have everything"
After the incident, I believe in the ghaib, I perform more sunnah solat & I infaq (give charity) where ever there is opportunity.

Leave it to Allah.. and we do our part as the slave in worship and doing good deeds.. Everything will be OK.. and NEVER forget the Allah factor  

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