Friday, March 14, 2014

Taking Certificate in Asset Management

I took an exam which enables me to be a Professional status on 7th Mar 2014.

The examination qualifies me to apply being a Member of Institute of Asset Management in UK giving the title (MIAM)

I am already a professional Electrical Engineer in Institute of Engineers Malaysia (MIEM)

I am also a qualified Associate Asean Engineer registered with Asean Federation of Engineers Organisation (AAE)

Hopefully, after this exam, I will qualify to be MIAM.

These are professional bodies that recognises my qualification within my Engineering career.

I also hold an MBA from Ohio University in Athens.

All these does not gurantee you to become a good Muslim. It is the level of taqwa that is important in the eyes of Allah azzawajal.

Please, I am not writing this to brag that I am a highly qualified person. My message is that:-
with ALL the professional recognitions, it is your heart that matters.
your relationship with Allah & your relationship with other Allah creations is the one that counts.

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