Friday, March 14, 2014

Eldest daughter enters NZ University in Auckland

I have not written for some time due to my busy schedule in the whole month of February 2014.
I cannot recall a busier month that I encountered before this month.

My eldest daughter got offer from 1 university from Australia and 1 university from New Zealand. To respond to the university, I have to pay the full annual fee before the university can fully accept her.

To get a loan for such a huge sum is one challenge I have to encounter. Then to get the student visa, is another challenge, as the Visa application centre is in Singapore and not in my country, Malaysia.

My eldest daughter got the offer on 13th Feb. I took 1 week to raise her tuition fees, post it to New Zealand and they officially responded on the 20th Feb. Then I have to fill in the visa application form which has almost 50 questions that the candidate must fill in.

They include questions on the university, the financial backing, the health of the candidate, the countries that they have been recently and many more.

The completed application has to be couriered to Singapore, including the application's passport and other necessary documents. Not forgetting the visa application charges and the fees to pay
for the return courier. The application process takes between 1 to 2 weeks, depending on many factors.

I sent the application on 21 of Feb, but class in NZ starts on 3 Mar 2014. The immigration officer in Singapore called on the 3 Mar saying that the application is ready, but because they issue on the date the the candidate has to register, the immigration officer needs a consent from the University in NZ to say that the U accepts late registration candidates.

Because of 5 hour time difference, I called the NZ university on the 4th Mar, to issue a letter to NZ Immigration in Singapore to say that the university accepts late registration students. Apparently, the university is very strict on registration and did not accept late registration. The university told me to register my daughter for the next semester in September.

I was devastated. Apparently I asked my sister in NZ to appeal, giving all the available reasons. After the University Dean had a meeting on 5th Mar, they agree to accept my daughter to register on the 10 Mar 2014(1 week late)

I already sent my wife to Singapore on the 5th Mar to standby at the NZ Visa Centre.

On the 5th Feb, the said University sent an email to NZ Immigration in Singapore. NZ immigration then released the visa and there was my wife waiting for the passport outside the office in Singapore.

My wife flew back to KL on that same day and the next morning 6th Mar, we all sent my eldest daughter to NZ.

What an experience!

All the while, I pray to Allah that Allah make easy for me in all my daily activities. There is no one to help you in many circumstances accept Allah.

True enough, if you have Allah, you have everything. Come back to Allah & He will make it easy for you.. 

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