Sunday, March 16, 2014

Relation between missing MH370 with Surah At- Takathur

Just connecting the missing MH370 with Surah At-Takathur.

I want to share with people about this really awesome surah. At-Takathur
It is about Plentifulness (wanting more)

Allah reminds us that we (human beings) are all deeply immensed in plentifulness. We want to collect as many things as possible in this world before we eventually die.

Human Plentifulness covers 4 things:-
1. We want as much as we can
2. We want more than others
3. We want to tell to people that I have more than you
4. This "wanting more" is in EVERYONE; be it an individual or large organisation, or even a 6 year-old child.

We will not stop accumulating whatever we want, until we realise that we are going to die.. then we will stop. To test this statement, let us take the current situation of the loss of MH370.

Let us take the perpective from 1) a concerned individual 2) a top media company 3) kindergarten boy.

The concerned individual wants to know as much news and facts as possible on what really happen to the missing aircraft. He definitely wants to know more than other people, at least know the very latest than others. He craves to tell other people that he has more information than others. He will broadcast it in whatever media that he make available. (WhattsAp, Facebook, Twitter etc)

Same goes to this large media company. They will deploy as many resources as possible to cover this SENSATIONAL story.

Let us take the perspective of a 6-year old boy.
1. He wants the latest toy in the store
2. He will compare with his friends, and wants more than what his friends have
3. After achieving this, he will tell his friends of this latest toy, boasting that he has the BEST beating others and feeling good about it.

People call this "Healthy Competition". Yes, very healthy, but without iman, healthy competition becomes an obssession and will allude you from remembering Allah.

Anyway, just ponder, all of us wants more than what we really need.

Just observe animals, they hunt when they are hungry. Us humans, we want more than what we need. We "hunt" ALL the time, whether we need it or not.

More house, more cars, more credit cards, more wife, more information and more of almost everything. The only thing(s) that we need less is trouble and body fat.

Friends, do not be deceived by all this world things. Remember that all this wanting more, we will eventually leave behind when we die.

Have iman, do good deeds, remind people of the truth, and if they become angry with you, remind them to be patient. (Surah Al-Asr). Surah Al-Asr comes IMMEDIATELY after surah At-Takathur.

In Quran, surahs come in pairs. Surah At-Takathur is paired with Surah Al-Asr.
Surah At-Takathur says that we (human beings) are ALL deeply immensed in plentifulness. Surah Al-Asr then reiterates that we (human beings) are ALL in a state of LOSS.
Exception being those who perform ALL 4 things: Have iman, do good deeds, remind people of the truth, and remind them to be patient.

I make doa that Allah gives us ALL guidance to His Deen (path).. Amin

Back to the missing airplane, if we can turn this event and be closer to Allah, masyaallah we are NOT among the people who are in the state of LOSS. We are the exception rather than the rule.



Lollies said...

Masya Allah! An easy perspective. Jazakallahhu kahyr

Zaidah M said...

Thank you for this perspective!