Monday, April 7, 2014

Positive attitude at workplace

I have completely changed my attitude towards my work begining 2014.

I have detached myself emotionally from whatever is the outcome of my work. Yes, I have been given a set of KPI (Key Peformance Indicators) for me to deliver my work. But, these KPIs are merely an assessment of my performance.

If I do well, then I am OK. If I do not do well, then I am also OK.

If the boss or other stakeholders make a comment on my work, whether in a positive or a negative way, it is their prerogative. I am all right with it.

I must have the right frame of mind about my scope of work. As a good employee, I must fulfill my role. I must fully understand my role. As a network planner, my main function is to propose a plan.

Whether my plan is being accepted or otherwise is NOT for me to decide. I must ensure that I must come up with the plan that will cover all possible angles and have considered all possible options. I must be able to balance between performance and cost, taking risks into consideration. And I must ensure that the plan is feasible.

This posting is mainly to remind myself that work is work. Never be emotionally attached to the work. If my work is good and I am not being properly acknowledged by my immediate manager, it is completely all right. It must not affect my relationship with Allah.

Because Allah is the ultimate boss. It is the satisfaction of Allah that I am aiming for.

"Taking care, making use and developing the properties of Allah, in the best and correct manner, in accordance to HIS commands" is my main objective

"Jaga, guna and membangunkan harta Allah, dengan baik dan betul, mengikut kehendakNya" itu adalah matlamat kerja saya.

Make doa for me that I can maintain this attitude towards my work. Ameen

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