Saturday, August 24, 2013

Spending time with my 2 teenage daughters..

It has been a while since I write about my kids..

My wife went to London on 9 August 2013 with my two (2) youngest daughters. They will be there for 15 days.

That leaves me the time with my (2) eldest daughters age 19 and 17 respectively. We know that at that age, they have their friends that they like hanging out with. Well, this is a golden opportunity for me to hang out with them, when they are not hanging out with their friends. At that age, they do not like hanging out with their parents... Not fun

Firstly, I must act like their friends, not like a father.

That is easier said that done. Because once you are a father, you will remain a father, bossy & wanting to be in control ALL the time.

Secondly, I must appreciate what are their passion (music & movies).
Again easier said than done. Because of 30 years of gap, things are very different between us. The key word is "appreciate" not follow blindly..

Anyway, I took those 2 above principles, and we had a "good" time together amid many differences.. When there are differences, we just have to accept it, value them & explain the rational and go on...

They are grownups now and as a father, I realize that I may soon have to let them go...

May Allah protect them and make them to be good Muslimats and eventually become Mukminats

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