Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ramadan 1434H.. training to be patient

This time, the blessed month of Ramadan, I prepare myself to be a patient person.

I read the Quran not for the soul purpose of khatam, but with the purpose of pleasing Allah. I admit that I will not finish the whole Quran once Ramadan is finished, but for sure I read the Quran in a proper and orderly manner. & I will continue to read Quran even after Ramadan.

I do the sunnat tarawikh prayers as much as I can, again not pushing myself, but for the sake of Allah.
There was this one night, 16th of Ramadan. My patience was put to test.

I was already ready to go to Isya prayers, when my aunt wanted to come along. My aunt is coming to 72 years old and her kness are weak. As Isya' azan has been heard, she told me to wait for her, because she had to go to the toilet (1). By the time I reached the mosque, is was jammed packed and I had to drop her off near the mosque so that not to burden my aunt by having to walk far. The situation near the mosque was packed, and there were 2 cars double parking, making it almost impossible to pass through. My car "touched" one of the cars  causing slight dent (2). I parked quite a distance from the mosque & only barely get the last rakaat of Isya prayers. As I was late, I put my spectacles (glasses) in such a way that it was relatively far from where I prayed. One 7-year old boy came and stepped on my spectacles, breaking it into 2 pieces (3)
3 things that made me angry
1. aunt being late
2. car being dented
3. glasses broken

Yes, I was angry. But I thought for a moment.. what was my reaction... should I do the usual blame game, blame my aunt, curse the car driver and scold the boy that stepped by spectacles...

No, I decided to take a deep breath, accept those things that happened as fate. I am not angry at my aunt, the driver nor the boy. I smiled to myself and almost certainly knew that what I did was the best thing...

Ya Allah, give me the strength to be patient at all times...

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