Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why do we hate death??

Why do we hate death?

We have built this present world and we have destroyed our akhirah, that is the reason we hate death.

We do not want to even think about leaving something that we have built (make tremendous effort) and go to something that we have destroyed ..

That is why we hate death so much. Even the word "death" is a taboo..

Most of us have done all the preparation for themselves for a good life in this world. But very little of us have done the effort to have a good life in the hereafter.

But those people who have made the money, effort & time in building for themselves a better life in the akhirah, for them they would love to go from this world to the akhirah.

A lot of people say that, lack of money is a test by Allah. In actual fact too much money is also a test by Allah. Many people pass the test when they have less money. But many people fail the test when they have lots of money.

So friends, be mindful that death is a sure thing. Be prepared to invest your time, effort and money to build a better life in the akhirah, which is where we will be living forever...

Ya Rabb, help us in building a better life in the akhirah. Give us taufik and guidance to the right path.. Select us among the people of jannah...Ameen..

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