Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Be a true slave of Allah by following Rasullah SAW...... to be a Muttaqin

I am writing something that I think must be emphasis in being a Muttaqin.

1. To bear witness that Allah is our master is easy. To behave as a true slave of Allah is very difficult.
Even syaitan (may Allah protect us from syaitan) admits that Allah is the master. That is the easy part. But to enslave ourselves to be the true SLAVE of Allah is very difficult indeed. We must do what Allah says and must abstain from what Allah forbids. That is indeed very difficult.

We need to constantly seek guidance from Allah in order to be His Slave. This we do 17 times a-day in Surah Fatihah in our 5 time prayers. Ihdinassirathol mustaqim. Allah is the one who chooses you as the one who He will give guidance. He is fair in his Judgement. We must have this intention that ALL that we do, we do it for the sake of Allah our Master..

2. To really realise that Prophet Mohammad SAW is the messenger of Allah.
Prophet Mohammad SAW is a human being, just like you and me. But, he is the best human being ever lived. Allah has chosen Prophet Mohammad SAW as His messenger, and he is the masterpiece that Allah created. His examplary life is SO GREAT that he is the Rahmat to all mankind. He is the one that can save us on judgement day. I can go on and on writing about this great man, but sufficient to say that we all must follow what the does and make salawat to him as much as we possibly can.

Here you go, 2 main things for Muslims to ponder:-
1. Be the True Slave of Allah, by following His commands and abstain from His prohibition. Have this niat (intention) that we do things for the sake of Allah our Master...

2. Follow what Prophet Mohammad's SAW sunnah. He is our messenger & the greatest creation ever created by Allah. To follow Rasulullah is our ticket to jannah. He is the one to save us on judgement day..

Ya Allah, give me the guidance to be your slave and to follow what Rasulullah SAW has taught us.
And please help us from the fire of hell... Amin ya rabb...

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