Tuesday, September 10, 2013

syaitan is constantly whispering to all of us

Just to remind everyone that syaitan is constantly whispering to us to do bad things and follow our desires.

After Ramadan, syaitan has renewed his strategy to ensure that we do not follow the right path. he is making extra effort, knowing that humans have gone through the Ramadan annual training program for one month. syaitan is coming with a new approach. One thing we can learn about syaitan is he never ever give up. he will go on and on.. and on

I am sharing with my readers what has always been whispered to me lately.

The whisper that I am being left out from having got a Promotion at my workplace. This constant whisper that many of my juniors have now overtaken me in terms of being promoted. The whisper that what I have put up so far has gone to waste, as it is not good and honest work that pays, but the level of "who-you-know" is the determining factor when it comes to being promoted.

I have to really fight this constant whisper... I seek protection to Allah azzawajal to protect me from syaitan... please protect me from up, down, left, right, front and back. Please guide me to your straight path ya Allah.

I strongly believe that as long as we keep seeking the Creator's guidance, asking for forgiveness and doing our best to change ourselves for the better, Allah will keep His promise by guiding us and forgiving us.

I am pleading to my readers to make doa for me and my family to Allah, protect us all from the whispers of syaitan and guide us to the right path... Ameen

Notice that syaitan is in lower caps. 

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