Saturday, August 24, 2013

David Moyes for United is like Bob Paisley for Liverpool

BPL 2013/14 kicks off on 18 August 2013.

Favourite team to win BPL: Chelsea or Manchester City

I like that prediction. Pundits say that Manchester United are in a transition period whereby this will be a year where David Moyes is rebuilding Manchester United. Well good comments.

I beg to differ. When Liverpool great manager Bill Shankly retired in 1974, he chose an relatively unknown assistant manager of his to be the new Liverpool manager. His name is Bob Paisley. When Bob Paisley took the helm of Liverpool,  people say that Liverpool is in a transition period. The rest, as they say, is HISTORY

Part of being a GREAT manager, is also knowing & identifying who is your successor. And I truly believe that Moyes is the one that Sir Alex has always wanted to be his successor.

Bill Shankly and Sir Alex Ferguson are great managers. Great managers know their SUCCESSOR..

He is a good proven manager during his Everton days, and he will be a GREAT manager for United. I have every confidence that Manchester United will be fighting for the BPL title this season and many more seasons to come.

But my main concern is Rooney. He wants to have a regular place in MU line-up so that he will be an automatic choice for England to be able to play in World Cup 2014 in Brazil. I hope that he stays with MU..

He is a fantastic player, slightly out of position at the moment..

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