Saturday, August 24, 2013

Accept our ibadah this Ramadan ya Rabb..

This year Ramadan finished in a flash for me...

The moment I realized, it is the end of Ramadan. I did the usual routine works during end of Ramadan.
Like cleaning my grandparents and parents grave, making sure that the decorative lights are ALL light up.

During Eidul Fitri, I did what I always did every year. Sunat prayers, congregate at relatives house and having good food, taking pictures, visiting the grave, going to 3 must visit houses.

I did not manage to finish the whole Quran this Ramadan, but I did learn the deeper tafseer of certain selected Surah.

But what are the changes of this Ramadan compared to previous Ramadan?

1. I did not push myself when doing the "ibadah" this time. When I really feel like doing, I started doing it for the sake of Allah, not for my satisfaction. Even though the deeds are small, I make sure the intentions are purely to satisfy Allah.

2. During Eid, I wish people "Takabbalallah hu minha wa minkum" literally meaning, "May Allah accepts your ibadah (this Ramadan) and mine too". This means that we wish that ALLAH azzawajal will accept ALL our ibadah during the whole of this Ramadan, because if he accepts our ibadah, the reward is non other than entering paradise. And we must not forget that there is this ONE (1) special night in Ramadan that is better than 1,000 months and if Allah accepts our ibadah, than we get to be in worship equal to 1,000 months.. Masyaallah..

Back to Allah accepting our ibadah. There are 2 (two) significant signs that Allah accepts our ibadah.  These are merely signs, but Allah can do what HE pleases because He is the GREATEST.

1. The slave of Allah continues doing whatever he/she does during Ramadan. If he goes to the masjid to perform Isya in jamaah during Ramadan, then he continues to perform them in other months

2. The slave of Allah's akhlak is good (his character is good). He/she maintains being a good person to other people. He/She does not hurt anyone's feelings and does not do bad things.

Just look at our Prophet Muhammad SAW. Both the above signs were clearly showed by Rasulullah.
Our relation with Allah has improved, so is our relation with mankind..

Back to the objective why we fast in the first place.. to become muttaqin.. and the 2 signs above are signs of the slave becoming a muttaqin..

May Allah choose us to be muttaqin and we all sincerely seek constant guidance from Allah & please protect us from syaitan...

Ameen ya rabb.. Till we meet again in the next Ramadan..

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