Thursday, March 21, 2013

The REAL goodness in LIFE

This post, I decided to write about a valuable thing..... to achieve goodness in everything..

People strive to get good things in life. The majority of people think that having lots of money will enable us to enjoy...

We can go on a holiday in Barbados & stay in a 5-Star hotel. Spend the whole day on a sandy beach, then swim in an infinity pool. At night, have a wonderful "seafood" dinner with your love one by the beach. Nice music playing in the background to set the mood..

Next day, drive a cherry red Ferrari along the island. Then take a sailing boat to a nearby secluded island..

Next day, fly straight to London. Buy the latest gadget (I-phone 5), then go straight to Manchester to catch the Saturday BPL match of Manchester United's home game at Old Trafford.... Imagine.... WoW!

Do you really think that these things, IF it really happens to you & me is the best things that has happen to you,  because I IMAGINE those things as GOODNESS?

Think again... These are short term gains..

Hello! We are striving to get a long term benefit here, the feeling that can last a life-time. Feeling of REAL satisfaction, purification, peace & tranquility.. feeling of solace...

Now imagine, understanding the Quran & Sunnah Nabi.. having to do 5 days prayers in congregation, paying yearly zakat to cleanse our incomes, full fasting in Ramadan & having Allah (Our Maker) please with us... double WoW! Do whatever Allah commands & abstain from what Allah forbids. Because whatever He commands is good for you & whatever He forbids is bad for you.. You must trust Allah. 

The feeling is an everlasting peace & happiness.. This is truly a long term benefit.

It might sound funny, but the feeling of having fulfill Allah's deeds is so satisfying indeed. It is like your body needs regular exercise. When you attain the level of fitness, your body will feel the goodness of the exercise & you will feel the wonderful effect of your hardship...

But to achieve this level, you & me have to transform ourselves to be a TRUE slave to Allah. When you accept yourself to be a TRUE slave to ALLAH, will you realise that whatever ALLAH commands you is TRUELY what you need in life & the hereafter.

When we eventually lie in our death bed waiting for the moment that we die & meet ALLAH, we will not remember the holidays that we spent in Barbados... we will only remember, have I really fulfill my promise to ALLAH?

We will not be taking along all our millions when we die, but we are taking our good deeds to meet our Maker..

The choice is in our own hands... Like the TV series "Ripley's believe it or not" ... "Unbelievable?Believe it" is to be a TRUE believer.

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