Thursday, March 7, 2013

Summary of Quran in 2 sentences..

I have been eager to write this topic, but I save it for some time due to commitment.

I am writing something that was shared to me by brother Nouman Ali Khan in his summary of the holy Quran.

He was asked to summaries in 2 sentences about the whole Quran. Wow! That is a real challenge indeed.

The summary of Quran is about:
To accept Allah as Master & accept yourself as Slave.
The Quran is ONLY beneficial to people who accept themselves as Slaves.

Such a powerful summary. The hardest part is to internalize that we are the SLAVES of ALLAH. Surely the slave has to follow exactly what the Master asked him/her to do. When we know that our Master is the ONE and ONLY Master, then our commitment to follow the Master's orders becomes such a fulfilling experience. If we realize that our Master is nice & kind to us at all times, we have very high respect for Him. At this stage, following the orders become sweet and we do it out our undivided love of our Master. What we do, come from absolute sincerity to please the Master & in return, the Master is pleased with us.

We always hear of people who serve under a good master.. " It is an honour to serve you".. Yes, it is INDEED the highest honour to serve ALLAH..

Then the Quran becomes our guidance. If we look closely at the book, we can find many great things about the Quran. There is no contradiction in Quran with respect to it's scientific explanation in a form of a very beautiful language. For the people who really look hard in the Quran, they will find the answer is in the Quran. It will not give you direct answers, but, you will discover that there is an answer hidden somewhere for you to intrepret.

In summary: 2 words that decribes Quran are SLAVERY & GUIDANCE.

May Allah grant us goodness in our lives & may Allah give us the deep understanding of the holy Quran.


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