Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March 2013 diary - wonderful things happening

This time writing about the wonderful things that happened in March 2013 for my record.

I apologize for not writing something useful to share in this posting. This posting is more like a diary to me.

9th Mar, my 2nd daughter came back from New Zealand after 2 months there. I sent her to NZ to help my youngest sister who is undergoing chemotherapy.

12th Mar, my 4th daughter's 10th birthday. She was very happy on the day. She also had to take her term exam on the day. She wanted LEGO for her birthday.

21st Mar, my 2nd daughter's SPM results. She got 6As and 3Bs. Before her results, I told her that I am proud of her, whatever is her result. I just wanted her to not miss her solat.  I took the "trouble" to teach her SPM Physics, as she could not find a suitable physics tuition class. She got a B for her Physics, making me one proud father as well as a proud teacher.
22nd Mar, Mufti Menk was in Malaysia. The scholar whom I listen to his series of lectures & have affected my life in a positive way

23rd Mar, I had a wonderful holiday break in Hyatt Kuantan, Teluk Cempedak. Watching sunrise & lying by the sandy beach,  remembering Allah's great creations. Being with my kids, masyaallah, what a wonderful feeling.

1st Apr, my 3rd daughter's 13th birthday. She wanted IPOD for her birthday.

For my blog postings, I have finally achieved an average of 3 postings per month- Alhamdulillah

Man Utd are top of the BPL with a massive 15 points lead over Man City (WoW). But they lost the Champions League quarter-Finals to Real Madrid & the FA Cup QF to Chelsea. Again, I am happy for them to win their 20th  BPL.  I will not trade winning BPL with not winning BPL but win BOTH the ECL & FAC.

Thank you Allah for giving me such a blessed month full of wonderful2 things.... 

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