Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My life in MCKK

I am writing about....reminiscence of my life in Malay College 1978-82.

I can still remember when my late father told me that I was accepted to Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) in mid December 1977.

I got good results in my Std 5 examination in 1976. My late father wanted me to go to a boarding school. What better school to him than MCKK. I did not want to go to MCKK. I was in my comfort zone. I have my own room, mother cooking for me the best food, watching TV as I please and going to tuition classes when I found that I was weak in certain subject.

In boarding school, no privacy, no mother's food, no watching TV and no tuition classes. No way!!
My father forced me to enter MCKK. He told me, you will be OK. Give 3 months, you will adjust to the hardship. He was spot on. 3 months on, I got settled with boarding school life. Got first hand experience to be independent. The rest is what they called history...

I played football for Under15 team, subsequently also playing football for U18 team. But I was not the first eleven. Most of the time, I was on the bench, having to come in when needed. I was a fullback and can play either left or right. Will overlap when there was opportunity.

I was also school cross-country runner, but when I represented MCKK in the Kuala Kangsar district, I ended up among the last place. The Indians, they dominated long distance run. Also represented school in 400M (middle distance) run, again outclassed by Indian runners.

But representing my house (Idris), I played almost every game. Football, rugby, field hockey, takraw, atheletics, swimming, water polo, cricket...you name it

I got 3 individual bronze medals in school sports (cross country, long jump & triple jump).  

I did not win any academic honours in MCKK. There were far too many smart students there. I also did not win any school colours.

I cannot recall many things that happened during my schooldays from 1978 to 1982, but sufficient to say that, the school built my character. From a shy person, I was transformed into a person who can speak in public. That was probably the biggest change for me. Though I remain a quiet person, but given the microphone, I can speak and articulate well.

The school has a tradition of producing Malaysian leaders. The 2nd Malaysian Prime Minister (Tun Abdul Razak) hailed from this school. So do many Rulers of State (Sultan). When I left school, I also have to carry this great tradition of having the character of a leader. I do not know whether I succeeded or failed. It is not for me to judge.

Anyway, I thank God (thru my father) to be in this great school. MCKK has always been known as "Eton of the East" for it's great tradition of producing leaders of Malaysia.

On 10 March 2013, it was exactly 7 years since my dad passed away. (Alfatihah). I went to his grave on that day.. pondering..

MCKK and my father will always be remembered (hand-in-hand) as character builder for me...


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