Thursday, March 7, 2013

Guard your tongue - it can easily do sin

Another topic I wanted to mention in my blog is the wrongdoings/ damage that we can do with our tongue.

Most of our sins are created from what we say. Whether it is intentionally or otherwise, words can really hurt people. When we criticise people, it can dent their ego, and this can lead to unnecessary arguments.

It is better for us to be quiet as compared to be talkative. Talk whenever necessary, and talk about good things in life. Show the positive side of the story & avoid negativity. Talk about the greatness of Allah & mention how wonderful this world is being created.

You will transfer the positive vibrations to other people & you will find out that you are being looked by people around you. Talk with a soft but firm tone, and smile while you talk.

Never raise your voice when you talk. Maybe you need to raise your voice a bit to people with hard hearing, but not to the point of shouting. When you realise that you have offended someone, immediately apologize.

I met someone last weekend. He is half-blind, but his determination to venture into business overcame his shortcomings. Currently he has 4 shops, all doing printing, photostating & binding. One shop is 50KM away, and he rented my small house to station his employee there.

I wanted the house back. He begged to me, to continue renting to him. If not, he will have to ferry his employee daily. He has to spend for the transport of the employee with a distance of 100KM daily.

I honestly gave him a suggestion. Why not he close down the 4th shop, which has 1 employee and is 50KM away. That is the best business option. I gave him an honest opinion. He was REALLY offended. My innocent statement has offended him. He told me that I have insulted him by giving that suggestion. He is blind, yet he struggled to open shops & I suggest to close it. He immediately said to me that he agree to vacate the house as intended just to prove me wrong. He will pay in advance all the money he owed me until he vacate the house.

I was shocked. My statement (unintentionally) has hurt him. I immediately apologise to him. At first, he did not want to shake my hand, but I begged his forgiveness & took his hand to mine. At this point, the conversation became sour.

Anyway, when I looked back, it is really easy to hurt people with your tongue. We have to realise that sometimes words that we utter can hurt people. Sometimes, what we say can be understood wrongly because of cultural differences.

Anyway, back to my story, I achieved what I wanted. I also learned a very valuable lesson. May Allah protect us all especially our tongue from hurting people either intentionally or otherwise.


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