Thursday, March 7, 2013

Peninsular Malaysia electricity demand growth - Part3

It has been awile since I update with regards to electricty demand growth in Peninsular Malaysia.

It is currently at 3.6% YoY. While I predicted that the growth will be at max 3.0%, Peninsular Malaysia electricty demand growth has proven to me that I have to be more optimistic in my forecast. The economy has been relatively bouyant with growth coming mainly from domestic demand stimulated by private sector.

Anyway, the much awaited General Election is looming and it will have to take place by April 2013 (when the current ruling party period expires). If, in an unlikely case, that the currently ruling party loses, then the consequence is huge. It will tarnish the confidence level of investors especially foreign investors.

With this worse case scenario, the demand growth will be hugely affected. Let us wait & see on the outcome...

On current trend, I still stick to a max growth of 3.0% for Peninsular Malaysia electricity demand growth... taking post-election effects into consideration (and myself still being pessimist)

Then again, Allah is the All Knowing..

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