Friday, February 22, 2013

Rasulullah - our role model

For the past 1 week, I have been listening to Mufti Ismail Menk's lectures on the life of Prophethood Muhammad (Peace be upon Him).

It is not about his history that is important. It is his character that is of GREAT value.

When I was in school, the exam questions of history of Muhammad(Peace be upon Him), is what year & place was he born. Who is the wife, when is the Battle of Badr, how many Muslims were there in the battle of Badr against how many Disbelievers & so on...

There was no emphasis on the GREAT character of Rasulullah.

How to deal with people who humiliate you in front of public? How to deal with people who has spit on your face 3 times? How to control your anger when facing with your enemy?

Rasulullah has great patience, because it is not him that matters. It is to Allah that is important.

He was cool & composed when being humiliated. He did not argue back by raising his voice or uttering bad words. He usually smiled back at his attackers & explained nicely to them. You don't fight fire with fire. You fight anger with facts & calmness.

Do you know that when you are angry, that is where you are at your most vulnerable? You are too obsessed in trying to defeat or attack your opponent, that most of the time you lose your focus. And when things get very heated, then just take a deep breath and walk away gracefully, leaving your attacker in a state of shock...

How Rasulullah dealt with his wife & daughters. He helped them, rather than dictated them. He would talk nicely to them, forgave them when they made mistakes & guided them nicely without even raising his voice. He was firm but soft. He led by example. He never demanded respect, he earned it with distinction.

How Rasulullah dealt with financial problem.. He never had any desires to have this worldly things like we crave for today. Sufficient to have good food & good house with minimum requirements. He never wanted anything more than he needed. Similarly, if we do not crave for any latest gadget/model, we do not desire to have big houses with nice gardens & swimming pool, we do not desire to have branded clothes & accesories, then what we earn is more than sufficient.

Dealing with tough bosses, family members & financial problems will cover about 80% of our current problems.

OK, how to deal with traffic jams. Just turn on the CD, & listen to the Holy Quran & it's Tafseer & you will have quality education time in the car. If you have family members in the car stuck in the jam, then let us talk/listen & have a good conversation together (another quality time with family).
Rasulullah has laid down solutions to your daily problem. Only us, that are being misled by our surroundings.

May Allah grant us goodness & understanding of this WONDERFUL gift (ISLAM & IMAN) from our MAKER..  

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