Saturday, May 6, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung recently launched Galaxy S8 in April 2017.

Ironically my S5 started giving problems. They are minor problems, but sometimes when it stalled because the screen did not move after several attempts, and you have to OFF and On it again, it became very  irritating.

I guess it was meant to be. New smartphone products now only last 2 years max. It is either the phone is faulty or the Android software cannot support the new applications.

I am the "old School" type. I was "forced" to migrate into smartphones from my Nokia phone by my company due to WhatsApp application that was widely used to communicate within a certain group.

I started to migrate to smartphone in January 2014.

My first smartphone was Samsung S2. It was my daughter's. She gave me after her mother (my wife) gave her an I-Phone. It lasted for 15 months.

My second smartphone was S3. I bought the last phone for a bargain (first hand) in Mar 2015. The shopper said that this was the last piece as they were about to launch Samsung S6. It lasted for also 15 months when it started giving problems.

My third and current phone is S5. I bought it for second-hand at a bargain in Jun 2016. I had it for just 11 months when it started to stall.

Reality is that these gadgets will demand you to update them annually or every 2 years max.

Technology wise, I am 3 years behind time and also 3 models behind the latest trend.

Just embrace them.... Time to find a new smartphone

"Allah hu akbar"

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