Friday, September 1, 2017

30th day of Syawal is bigger than 1st day of Zulhijjah

I long to write about Eidul Adha in Malaysia.

The excitement of celebrating Eidul Adha is very much less compared to celebrating Eidul Fitri.

In Islam, Eidul Adha is considered bigger occasion than Eidul Fitri.

But the opposite is happening in Malaysia.

There are many reasons for this:-

1. Eidul Fitri is given 2 days off while Eidul Adha 1 day only

2. Eidul Fitri has songs and decorations to create the festival mood, while Eidul Adha has none.

3. Eidul Fitri has sales for shoppers while Eidul Adha has none.

But the main culprit is, in Malaysia (especially) Eidul Fitri is being celebrated for the whole month long. The amount of food, open houses, clothing, gifts, TV programs, photo shoot and entertainment are being stretched for the whole month.

Corporations celebrate Eidul Fitri until 30 Syawal with food, dresses, photos and music to create the raya atmosphere. By the time Eidul Adha comes 40 days later, people are just out of mood.

My observation is that 30th day of Eidul Fitri is being celebrated more than 1 day of Zulhijjah.

Anyway, both the Eid is for Muslims to glorify the Greatness of Allah

Allahu Akbar x3, walillah hilhamd

Allah knows best..

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