Thursday, January 1, 2015

My 3rd trip to Auckland to visit sister and daughter

I spent my holiday this year in New Zealand.

This is my 3rd time in New Zealand and I have full respect for this country. No wonder they are good in rugby!

I arrive in Auckland early Monday morning 24 Nov. My sister & brother-in-law came to fetch me and family at the airport.\

They brought us to their home in Coppins Road, Mount Wellington. The whole day we rested after 11 hours of flight. In the evening, around 6pm, we drove to my favourite beach in Auckland, Mission bay. Had the traditional fish-and-chips and overlooking Rangitoto island. Nice!

Tuesday, I went to Auckland to meet up with old acquantance. His name is Christ Day. I met him on a flight from Auckland -KL in 2012 and we talked about some common interests. In the afternoon, I walked towards Otahuhu.. wonderful walk.

In the evening, the whole family went up Mount Wellington and took pictures. Very very nice!

Wednesday, all of us went on a day trip to Roturua. Roturua is situated 210KM from Auckland. I drove through HW1-HW2-HW27-HW24-HW8-HW5.

We started at 7.30am and reached Roturua at 10.00am. When we started from Auckland, it was raining but when we reached Roturua the shine began to shine. Subhanallah.

Coincidently when we reached the SkyPark, I heard some called "Ayah.." It was my eldest daughter!
She was with her friends from Australia. We hug, but she told me she had to go. I said " See you in Auckland". We climbed the mountain on a cable car called "Gondola". On the way down, the kids used the LUGE while I took a calm walk down scenic route down the mountain.

We then had lunch at Kebab store (Just Kebab). Then off we went to Agrodome for the Farm tour. Nice tour feeding the sheeps. And watching how they sheer the sheep.

We then spent time at the lake and at Kuirau Park where there are many hot springs. Prayed zuhr & Asr before heading back to Auckland. The sun was still up at 7.30pm when we started our journey back to Auckland. Reached at 10.00pm and feeling very tired but extremely happy!

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