Saturday, December 13, 2014

Reflections of year 2014

I had the time to reflect on what has happened to me in 2014.

It has been a fabulous year, full of joy and laughter for me, just like the previous years.

I have been blessed with such good fortunes. No doubt there are challenges, but I consider them decorations that make this life so very wonderful and colourful.

My deen (relation with Allah), my family, my work, my team Man Utd (passion) has been very good indeed.

I thank Allah for ALL these. Let it continue with ALL the good things in life.

This whole life, I consider it as a journey. Meeting all kinds of people along the way. Young and old, good and bad.

But the pitiful site is that many people are seeking for pleasures that are temporary and short term. They become very impatient and materialistic. The emotions are constantly being fed with high expectations and this becomes a recipe of negative feelings and emptiness.

If I may just share with everyone, until and unless this heart is filled with the remembrance of Allah, it will NEVER attain peacefulness & satisfaction.

We end up worshipping the gift and not the GIVER. We end up filling our hearts with our desires/goals and not Allah's. We make doa of what we WANT and not what we NEED.

So, if we did not get the gift, then we become frustrated and angry.

Hey! Wait a minute. What are we trying to ultimately achieve here? The pleasure of Allah... not our own pleasures which are temporary and short-term.

Detachment from dunya is NOT that you own nothing, but NOTHING OWNS you except Allah.

So do not be deceived by this worldly things. Fill our hearts with ALLAH. Remember Him and be conscience of His presence ALL the time. Definitely we will achieve PEACE!!


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