Thursday, January 1, 2015

About Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston

What has Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston have in common?

They all are people who make other people happy. They are very successful people and made a lot of money making people happy.

But they themeselves are not happy. They took drugs in order to forget about their problems. But drugs did not help, in fact made the situation worst. In the end, they died because of too much taking drugs.

Very talented and highly gifted people who ended up dying on drug overdose. Pity them..

We can take a very important lesson from them.

We can make people happy. In fact we should make people happy with our good deeds.

But we also must make ourselves happy. There is no better way to be happy than to remember Allah.
It is very difficult to really express happiness when remembering Allah.

No doubt that syaitan is making extra effort to these kind of people to make them further away from Allah.

The entertainment business is full of activities that make you further and further away from Allah. But that will not stop people to make dakwah and pray to Allah to give all mankind hidayah.

Allah is the ALL KNOWING. We just make effort and doa. Everything will turn out good.

Put our whole trust to Allah alone..

May Allah grant us all (His slaves) forgiveness

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