Thursday, January 1, 2015

Worst flood in Malaysia.... Dec 2014

This year, the flood situation is unlike other years. There were way too many people affected by the flood.

I can imagine the suffering of people who are affected by the flood. Their homes being filled with water and their belongings destroyed because of the water.

When the flood finally subside, they have to clean their houses and some of the things can no longer be used. They have to spend money and effort during this trying times.

I take this opportunity to send my condolences to the flood victims. They have to bear patience. Use this calamity to make doa to Allah so that Allah make it easy for us all. If a calamity befalls us, and the result is that it draws us nearer to Allah, this should be considered as something good.

Allah made the hardship to draw us closer to Him. Take this golden opportunity to be nearer to Allah.

I thank Allah for HIS mercy and  protection. He has given to me and hopefully draw me closer to Allah azzawajal.

Ya Allah, please make me from the people who are grateful to you in whatever circustances be it good or bad. Ya Rabb, please protect me from the persuasion of Syaitan and from people who also acts like syaitan.

Ya rabb, please give strength to the people who are suffering from floods and make it easy for them. Make them be nearer to you Ya Allah... Aamiin

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