Thursday, January 1, 2015

My 3rd trip to Auckland to visit sister and daughter(2)

Thursday 27Nov. I woke up early to follow my sister to her workplace in Central Auckland. By 9am, she dropped me at Albert Park and I walked (my usual path) to the Domain and Auckland Museum.
I waited until 11.30am for my whole family to arrive at the Domain. We took pictures and talk. At 12pm, we slowly walked to Food Court in Queen's Street to have lunch at an Indon halal restaurant. I ate soo much that what I burned when I walked in the morning were replaced by the amount of food I ate for lunch.

After lunch, we headed again to the Domain where we park our car (3 hours free!). This time we are too full to even walk. We took the bus and drove straight to the north side of Auckland at a suburb called Davenport. Nice little town . We found a much sorted Milk Chocolate in a supermarket which was just being refilled. The cashier limit only one bottle for every customer! Each of us bought one seperately!

We climbed the Mount Victoria and looked at the sea surrounding Auckland City. There was a fort up on the mountain and the scenery is breathtaking. We took many pictures!!

Friday 28Nov. A rest day for all of us... At 1.30pm I drove to Pakuranga mosque (Majd Abu Bakar) to perform Jumaat prayers. The rest of the family went shopping at Sylvia Park. We had a good halal lunch. At night, we went to sister Norleen's house for a very nice dinner. We came back almost midnight!

Sat 29Nov. I went with my sister to Manukau City as her charity organisation (Fatimah Foundation) has a function. A very pleasant and friendly man came and shook hands with me. Later I found out from my brother that he is Len Brown the Mayor of Auckland! What a contrast to the situation in Malaysia!

Then we proceed to go shopping at Victoria Market, where you can open a small corner shop for a small amount! Nice atmosphere.

Then me and eldest daughter Aliah went to the beach in Kare-kare together with her friends from Aussie. What a fantastic beach. There was also a waterfall just before the beach front. All praise be to Allah for creating this beautiful world for us (His slaves) to thank Him.

Sunday 30Nov. Packing day for me. My flight to KL is at 2.30pm. By 12.45pm, I was at the airport. Thank you to my sister and daughter for having me in Auckland. This 3rd time was as good as the previous 2 visits. My wife and 2 daughters also stay for another 2.5 weeks and I travel back to KL alone. There was a 1 hour delay and the airline gave NZD12 for me to have a quick lunch.

What a wonderful trip this is. Alhamdulillah and thank you to sister and daughter, thank you Allah....   

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