Saturday, August 30, 2014

Visiting relatives and pondering the Greatness of Allah

This posting is about me having visited my relatives yesterday.

I went to visit my relatives at 3 different places.
1. An uncle, who is at a nursing home
2. An distant aunt, who is also my late mother's close friend, at her house
3. My late distant cousin's family

All these 3 visits made me realise how short life is. It also made me think that we are all growing old and eventually will  die to return to Allah and meet Him.

All of the above relatives are close to my late mother. When I started talking about the good times they had with my mother, tears flow from their eyes and that made me sad. But, that also made me happy as all of us had the opportunity to treasure those very precious moments and remember that only Allah is ever lasting.

I hope that I have many more opportunities like this in order to cherish those moments with my relatives and friends.

And let us remember that Allah is the Greatest and we will be DEFINITELY be returning to Him. 

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