Monday, August 25, 2014

Come to Allah.. He is waiting for us

I am extracting some common themes that I gather from the Quran.

The many Makki surahs, Allah repeatedly remind us that He has the power to resurrect people who have died. There are numerous ayats that confirms that Allah has the power to resurrect dead people, just like He can make the earth back to life again by sending water from the sky to the dead and barren land. This is easy to Allah.

We, as slaves of Allah, must strongly believe in the akhirah. The day that we will all be judged on our deeds and we will be rewarded or punished.

Remember that the mercy of Allah is much-much bigger than His wrath. Always seek repentance, as Allah is Most Forgiving, even if you think that what you have done is so bad that Allah will not forgive.

Do not ever think that way!! Allah is so Merciful that He can forgive ALL your sins. Have that believe in your mind. Make doa that Allah forgive our sins. Best way to make repentance is during 1/3 of the night (before Fajr). Seek Allah's mercy. He is waiting for you, always waiting for you to come to Him.

Dear friends, come back to Allah and always remember Him in whatever circustances. He will DEFINITELY remember and protect you. If a calamity befalls you, always know that He is testing you for your own good. Tests are made to make you strong and draw you nearer to Him.

Remember Allah... Make doa... Aameen

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