Saturday, August 30, 2014

Electricity demand Peninsular Malaysia 2014

I have not written about my work for some time.

But, I made a stand not to dwell to much on my work, as my strong believe is that Islam is VERY much important than work.

Anyway, just to update on electricity demand in Peninsular Malaysia, which is very much have an impact on my organisation's Capital Expenditure.

The growth is 2.0%, the second lowest in the history of electricity growth since 1990. The lowest was at 1.7% recorded in 2008 (economic crisis year). 2014 was never a slowdown year, but as far as electricity demand is concerned, the manufacturing sector has slowed down and the service sector has dominated the economic scene. But service sector does not require large amount of electricity.

My prediction for 2014 electricity growth was between 2.5-3.3%. It turned out to be on the high side.

Next year, with the introduction of GST by the Malaysian Government, my prediction is NOT more than 2.5% max.

May Allah help Malaysia in the coming challenging years....

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