Sunday, January 12, 2014

Remembering Prophet Muhammad SAW by following his Sunnah

In a few days time, Muslims will be remembering the birthdate of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

He is the best creation from Allah and He is what we normally call "rahmatan lil a'lamin - saviour of this universe".

We must follow His practices, as He is the role model of a true believer.

There are many sunnah to follow, but as I always write in simple and practical manner, I am just sharing only 4 sunnah that I feel do-able:-

1. Solat in Jamaah , if possible in masjid. This is really something that Prophet always emphasis. The reward is tremedously huge and this practice really encompass our true faith in our CREATOR.

2. Read Quran daily. Make a point to read the Quran once a day. Does not matter if it is one ayat or more, surely reading Quran will again have a huge affect on the reader. Make a point to also note the meaning of the ayat, and if you have time the tafseer of the ayat.

3. Perform solat tahajjud. Again, this shows your relationship with Allah. This is what Prophet always do in order to maintain the strong bond between the slave and his Master

4. Always be in wudu'. Again a simple ritual to do. This action again shows our rememberance of our Rab and this ever continuous conscience between the slave and his Great Master.

There you are!
4 Sunnah that I recommend every muslim to try to it consistently. It will definitely change you.

There are also 4 things that are REALLY2 effective to make us be a STRONG person.

1. Have iman. Really have a strong believe in Allah. This includes:-
Always remember Allah; Always have the believe that Allah gives the best for you-you should know how lucky you are; And never ever give up from Allah's mercy

2. Do good deeds. Be good, do good stuff. Do't hurt other people. Don't destroy the earth. Help people and donate to charity

3. Give advice to people on being grateful and sincere. Really2 grateful to Allah for what He has given to us and be sincere in whatever we do.

4. Give advice to people to be patient. When faced with difficulty, advice people that Allah will never abandon his slaves. Just make doa and He will help you in a way you will never imagined.

Sounds like a surah.. Yes surah Al-Asr (103). These are the exceptional people who are NOT in a loss in this Duniah..and is successful in the hereafter.

May all of us be part of these people. Ameen...

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