Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 2014 target, to be consistent in my EXERCISE

This 2014, I have set myself a small achievable target.

When people commit to something, they usually write it down for record purposes.

I am making a point to exercise at least twice a week. If I cannot meet that, then I make sure that I compensate the exercise session that I miss the following week immediately.

Say week 1; I did not do any exercise, then week 2; I must target to do 4 exercises.

The exercises comprises of just minimum 20 minutes of brisk walking and light jogging. That is all.

You can see that, whenever I do a target setting, I never aim high. But what I look for is constantly doing it, however small is the target.

I am 50 years old on Hijr lunar calendar and I have 1 (one) stent in my artery. Time to really take care of my health in order to fully optimise being the slave of Allah and being the breadwinner for my family.

Make doa for me that I will do what I set for this year, insyaallah...

ps. when walking, please DO NOT forget to  remember Allah....

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