Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Be nice to people..eventhough they do mean things to you..

I have now blogged for 5 years. I constantly review my writings and I make sure that I keep on writing on a regular basis.

My main aim when I write is that my followers will benefit from my writing. I write for a purpose.

I wanted to share with my followers that what I felt, and life in general is really, really wonderful.

Do you know that remembering Allah makes your life so awesomely calm and peaceful?
Do you also know that if you have Allah, you need not worry about anything?

Do you know that when someone says mean things about yourself, just be nice to them and thank them for their honest views.

When they continue to be mean, just walk away from them..and don't forget to smile at them as you walk away..

People who are mean to someone, may have problem of their own. Just be kind to them..

Actually, what others say or do is the projection of their own reality, their own dream..

When you can make yourself immune to opinions and actions of others, then you will not be the victim of NEEDLESS sufferings..

People are entitle to their own opinion.. so respect their views.. even if you know that it is not true. No need to be sad and let other people hurt you..

If that person said that the sky was red, it is easy to know what he said was not true. It has NOTHING to do with you and everything to do with HIM.

Anyway my friends, just be kind and nice to people, eventhough they are mean to you. Just imagine that they are the ones who need help. You already have Allah besides you and Rasulullah to give you syafaat.

And do not forget to forgive them and make doa to them...


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