Saturday, January 12, 2013

Places that I do my prayers

I am writing to record the places that I have perform solat in Jamaah.

I divide them into 3 categories
1. Masjid - where I perform Friday prayers within my Qariah (locality)
2. Surau - Small surau where I perform 5 time prayers in Jamaah
3. Musollah - small dedicated room where I have perform 5 time prayers in Jamaah

In PJ, there are 4 Masjids (Bulat, Kg Tunku, Kamaruddin & Sek16)
there are 2 Surau (Salahuddin & Pajar)

In Kajang, 2 Masjid (Jamek Kajang & Kajang Utama) & 1 Surau (Tmn Bukit)

In KK, there is 1 Masjid & 3 Musollah (Prep School, New Hostel & Big School)

In Cheras SMSS, there is 1 Masjid (Bdr Tun Razak) & 1 Musollah

In Brighton, there is 1 Masjid (Dyke Road)
In Woolwich, there is 1 Masjid (Woolwich mosque)

In TNB MPE building, 1 Musollah
In TNB Crystal Plaza, 1 Musollah
In TNB-HQ, 1 Masjid & 1 Musollah (7th Floor, NLDC)

All in all 10 Masjid, 3 Surau & 7 Musollah. They are all house of Allah the AlMighthy where I perform my regular prayers.

Top 2 of my frequently visit list will be Masjid Bulat & Surau Pajar.

I post this not to show-off, that I am pious & religious. It is mainly for my record keeping.

Lesson learnt from this post, always have to niat to solat in Jamaah & on-time for the sake of ALLAH


Anonymous said...

AUT Prayer Hall

Hisham Mustaffa said...

The list consists of places that I consider I have been a qariah. AUT is where I was a visitor. Anyway, thank you for yr comment..

Zaidah M said...

I was just about to add AUT Prayer Hall too! hehehe.