Saturday, January 26, 2013

Maulidur Rasul 12 Rabiul Awal 1433 (24 Jan 2013)

I am writing this post to remember Maulidul Rasul Muhammad SAW. His birthday is on 12 Rabiulawal each year.

I have been listening to series of lectures by Mufti Ismail Musa Menk on a CD given by a dear friend.
These series of lectures is about the sirah of Rasulullah SAW that Mufti Menk wrote specific regarding the life of Rasulullah SAW - the finest creation that Allah has made for all of us to follow.

In our 2 kalimah syahadah- Muslims bear witness that there is NO God to worship but ALLAH & Muhammad is the messanger of ALLAH. The 2 kalimahs is our belief. If we belief in ONE and do not believe the other, then we are not among the believers (Muslimeen). May Allah gather us to be a true Muslim & grant us Jannah.

Interestingly, what we can conclude from the Sirah is that, we as humans can only make dakwah & make doa that, what we do will influence/convince other people. But, the hidayah comes from Allah.

Similarly, in our day-to-day life, we can only manage things that are in our control/influence. What we cannot control, we make doa & leave it to Allah to determine the results. There is an English saying that "You can bring the horse to the river, but you can never force the horse to drink the water" 

Similarly with people, you can tell them what they should be doing, but you can never have full control of what they do 24/7. This concept is what makes a lot of people STRESSFUL. They always believe that they are in FULL CONTROL in their efforts & outcomes. The ALLAH factor has always been neglected & replaced by ME factor alone.

Rasulullah made dakwah in Makkah, but hidayah came in Madinah. You make effort in one thing, only to find out the outcome/result was transformed into another thing.

I write this blog to share my thoughts & experience in order that my writings are shared among fellow Malaysians. That was why my writings are in Malay language. But off late, when I checked my audience, the highest readers of my blog came from NORWAY. Mashaallah... I know no one from Norway. I never dream that my blog is read by people 15,000KM across the globe.
It is Allah that transformed this outcome. I do not know whether this phenomena will continue or will not, but I am really amazed with the statistics.

I have readers from United States, but I am not that surprised, because in US, English is widely used. Internet access is at it's maturity level & there are many Muslims in the US.  But Norway, with them speaking Norwegian & I write mainly about IngatAllah (remember Allah), Kerja (My work), Anak2 (my children) & Manchester United... never in my wildest imagination that this will happen.

Imagine, a person saying to me when I first blog in Jul 2008, your blog followers are highest from Norway, I say to them that "you are crazy". They are half way round the globe & I have no friends there, how can that be. This shows that nothing is impossible when it comes to Allah. He is the Almighty.

Back to Maulud Nabi, I make doa that everyone of us will make Rasulullah SAW their "role model" & follow his sunnah, however small it is, as he is the examplary to humans to be successful in this world & the hereafter. There is never an example that WEALTH will lead to TOTAL happiness & peacefullness. Rasulullah never live in a mansion & nor did he have the best vehicle (horse at the time) for us to follow. But his closeness to Allah & his followers (us including) with all sincerity, is the solution to life in this world & the hereafter.

Salawat & salam to Rasulullah SAW (Peace be upon him)

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