Sunday, February 7, 2016

My daughter got married

My eldest daughter got married on the 1st Jan 2016.

I will write on the days that is affected.

The build-ip to the wedding started on Thu 31 Dec 2015. This was the last day of the year. The house was being decorated in order to accommodate 250 guests at any one time. Massive work was done both inside and outside of the house.

At night, many of my close women relatives came to the house for "berinai". It is something to do with women...

On the 1st of Jan 2016 (Fri), I woke-up at 4am. Got to fetch my Boyan relatives at TBS (Bus Terminal). They came all the way from Johor.
Continue with last minute preparations. Did Jumaat prayers at Kg Tungku mosque.

By 6pm, I have to get ready for the solemnisation (akad).

The close relatives started to come at 8pm. I invited approximately 70 people to witness this historic moment.

Then the groom and his entourage of 50 people came at 8.45pm.
The ustaz came at 9.15pm. The akad was performed in a very nice manner by myself at 9.45pm and witnessed by Ustaz Hazley of Masjid Bulat. I have (by then) transferred my responsibility of my daughter to another person. Aamiin.

Then, all the guests had dinner starting at 10pm and lasted until 11pm. I saw my guests were very happy. They wish me good things. I am so very happy

Alhamdulillah. I thank Allah on this day.. and I shall continue thanking Allah every passing day..

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