Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reading newspapers in Malaysia

I do not buy any daily newspaper nowadays simply because there are too many "rubbish" that they write in them.

I was doing my Sunday morning walk when I saw the newspaper man delivering newspapers to every household in my neighbourhood. It is like every household have been thrown with "rubbish". Our minds have been fed with so much hatred & negativity on a daily basis.

Not only that, the advertisements are full of "worldly" things that enhances everyone's material needs. In fact these "needs" have become "greeds".

No wonder there are so many social problems around. We are all being fed with "rubbish" on a daily basis. Rubbish in-> rubbish out. There a loads of writing condemning certain individual on a daily basis. If ever you collect ALL the newspaper cuttings in main stream media, DSAI will be the most guilty criminal ever existed in the entire Malaysian history. Botak Chin is a "minor" as compared to the negetive publicity in the all time media coverage comparison.

I took the cutting below on a topic of managing stress in Islam:
Avoid Media Overexposure: Switch from News to Books/Quran
Don't spend too much time checking out the news on the radio, television or  internet. Spend more time reading good books and Quran. When you listen to the persistent barrage of bad news, especially relating to Muslims nowadays, you feel not only depressed, but powerless. Cut down media time to reduce your stress and anxiety. It's important to know what's going on, but not to an extent that it ruins your day or your mood.

"Selamat beramal"

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