Sunday, October 23, 2011

MU lost to MC

There were 3 matches that a friend of mine ask to predict.

Terengganu vs Selangor (Semi-Final 2nd League Malaysia Cup)
New Zealand vs France (Rugby WC Final)
Man Utd vs Man City (BPL League Game)

My prediction: Terengganu & New Zealand will win & a draw for the Manchester derby.

I got the 1st two correct. But I never imagined MU being defeated 6-1 at Old Trafford. It became "Theater of nightmare".

But, as I reflect deeper on the result, I began to praise Allah.

MU fans have become very arrogant, boasting that the team is very strong. They label their neighbours-noisy. They won very big against Arsenal. And now they tasted the bitter feeling of a heavy defeat at home.

MU was in a bad shape in Nov last season, with Rooney's adultery case & wanting to go to MC. Ryan Giggs affair also did not help. Chelsea were the runaway League leaders. But MU fought back & won the Premiership for the 19th time.

So MU fans, just be humble and keep on supporting MU thru thick & thin..

This defeat came at a perfect time. I am confident that MU will bounce back even stronger. Rio & Evra might have to be on the bench for quite some time as they were very poor against MC. The manager will bring the team back on track.


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