Friday, July 29, 2016

Why Why Why....

Sometimes we ask some very hard questions

Why does Allah wants to test us in this world?

If he is so Merciful, why did He create a lot of sufferings in this world?

Why is this life unfair? Why can't everything be fair and square?

For a true believe; is to believe in the unseen.

In surah Baqarah:30 (the last part) Allah explains "I know what you don't know"

This is exactly what the angels asks Allah why did Allah wants to create humankind in this world, while He Knows that humans do corrupt things and shed blood, unlike the angels who constantly praise and sanctify to Allah.

Allah responded "I know what you don't know"

Just this word from the All Knowing is enough to answer all our hard questions.

When we were young, we always ask why do we have to study in order to be successful in life.
Why do we have to take test after test? If the teacher cares for us, why did he torture us with all this homework? This is really unfair!! Why can't teachers and parents leave us alone to play all day long?

For all the questions about Allah, He (Allah) answers that I know what you don't know; is enough to make us follow what He commands

I do not intend to write long articles, but to have complete FAITH in Allah, rest assured and guarantee that we will be successful in this world and the hereafter.

Ya Rabb, please2 guide me to the straight path. Aamiin

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