Saturday, July 30, 2016

Future CEO

I went to an audition which was organised by my company way back in April 2016.

The company wants to find corporate leaders who will lead the organisation in the future. It is called Future CEO.

It is open to ALL executives to find potential leaders at ALL levels.

There are 4 levels of the audition. You need to pass the 1st level in order to proceed to the next level, and so on until the 4th level.

This is the 2nd time they did it. The first time, 34 people were selected from 400 participants. There are certain criteria for selection.

Anyway,I prepared myself for this. I found out that I am the oldest participant.

My initial audition was on a Monday, but due to prior commitment, I asked the organiser to postpone and they rescheduled my on Thursday.

I gave my best and I make doa to Allah for the rest.

I did not make it to the second round!

The only consolation (if any) is that the panel took a long time to decide on my presentation in the level 1 audition. This is according to the secretariat.

Am I frustrated?.... A bit

Well, I did participate. I gave my best shot. I submit to Allah

I guess that I am not a corporate leader.

But wait... I want to be the obedient slave of Allah. I gave my best. Allah has better plans for me.

All in all I thank the organiser for giving me a chance. But most of All, I thank Allah for all that happens.


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