Friday, July 29, 2016

AADC2 and being a traveler

I just saw this Indonesian movie. Ada apa dengan cinta2 (AADC2). Nice movie about a man named Rangga who tries to connect with his past.

He lives in New York USA, but he came back to his roots in Indonesia. He tries to connect back with his mother and his lover.

Anyway what is fascinating about this film is Rangga differentiate between a tourist and a traveler.

A tourist plans for his travelling, having to arrange for all sorts of details, itinerary and schedules. Everything must be well planned.

While a traveler gives minimum to planning. He just go with the flow. Whatever comes, he will plan there and then. The excitement is discovering the unexpected.

It is similar to life. We are all travelers. Yes we plan our life, what we want to be. But what turns out somewhat is different to what we initially plan. Because Allah is the BEST Planner.

True believers will plan and then surrender to Allah. What happens is the WILL of Almighty Allah.

Have faith that Allah's plan has its turns and is the BEST for His slaves even though we may not know the benefits of His plan.

Allah is very subtle and in total control of  His plans

Take the story of Yusof in the Quran.

All the trials and tribulations that Yusof went through sets the scene for the best for him and his family.

Yaacob (the father) too never gave up hope and Allah unites him with his long lost son.

Let us all be travelers in the journey of life

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