Saturday, April 19, 2014

My cats

This post is for my cats that I have been taking care of, since my eldest daughter went for further studies in NZ.

There are 7 of them all together. The amount of food and effort to take care of them on a daily basis demands some sacrifice.

These cats are also the creations of Allah. They are creatures that are very tame and playful. They wanted us (humans) to caress, stroke and touch them, and they in turn will be very close to us.

But the effort to clean their surroundings is very challenging.

All in all, taking care of all these cats makes me realize that we praise Allah for creating these creatures. It gives us the chance to take good care of them for the sake of the Maker and the Owner of the Universe.

Good deeds to animals will DEFINITELY be reciprocated..

This picture was taken during feeding time. All the cats in this picture are females. The male went missing, but it came back 5 minutes later.

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