Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Injury in football tournament

I got myself injured playing in a Senior Category Football tournament.

The tournament is called HoD Cup, being played at senior level (above 35 years old), comprising of teams around Peninsular Malaysia in Tenaga Nasional Berhad Transmission Division.

During team selection, I was being chosen to represent HQ1 team.

My original position is the second goalkeeper. But I told the team manager that I can also play as a back-up striker, as I have been a "goal poacher" during my younger days.

I have undergone a major knee operation (PCL) on my left knee in 1988, due to a knee injury that I sustained when I played very fast football during my university student days in England. I also did angio plasty on my main heart artery due to blockage in 2010. So, I am not a fully fit footballer.

It is a good balance team and they made it to the final only to lose on a penalty shoot-out 4-5. I played 2 substitute games from 6 games and managed to score 1 goal.

I sustained the new injury on my RIGHT KNEE and immediately when I got it I knew this is serious.

I can feel that something has torn. It happened on my DOMINANT feet, as the left feet is my DORMANT feet.

The tournament was in Sintok (500KM to the north of KL). When the tournament ended about 2am Sunday morning (27 Apr'14), I went straight to sleep. At around 7am, I drove back to KL with great difficulty. Syukur, I arrived in KL safely.

X-Ray did not show any broken bone, but MRI showed a tear in the cruciate ligament. I will operate my knee scheduled on 7th May 2014. Make doa for me....

Thank you

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