Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rivalry that diverts us from good deeds!!

It has been a while since I last wrote in my blog.

Just to update regarding some things worth mentioning.

Our life that we are living is about making this earth a better place. It is a command from Allah that we ensure that this world is being properly managed.

Most of humans accumulate wealth, because money and fame are things that make you feel really good in the eyes of the people.

But, actually doing good deeds and being humble are traits that Allah ask from His slaves. We will leave ALL world things when we eventually die.

We should be grateful and praise Allah for all the good things that he has given to us. Sometimes, what Allah does not give you is best for you as He is the All knowing. So why should we worry about anything in this world? Just do what Allah tells us and abstain from what He forbids. Do good deeds and for sure Allah will protect you.

I was riding my motorcycle along the highway when a BMW came within a whisker from hitting me. The driver was a young professional. He was racing with another young driver driving a Mini Cooper. Wow! I was thinking to myself. These two young guys were  really "trying" to enjoy themselves.

They tried to have cheap thrill by having a race and flashing their "exclusive" toys. At the same time, endangering other innocent people.

I make doa to Allah. Please guide ALL of us from being indulging in this worldly things simply because of unnecessary rivalry. (Surah Takathur: 1).Same case goes to people in the corporate world, who are fighting tirelessly to climb the corporate ladder. 

May Allah protects us from syaitaan..

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