Friday, September 13, 2013

From Latvia to Russia

How I wish that I travel from Riga (Latvia) to Moscow in Russia. People might wonder why I chose these 2 cities to travel.

Well, the main reason is that I have blog followers from both these countries that I have never been before.  Maybe (insyaallah) one day I can visit these 2 countries.

I wanted to share with you the experience that I felt recently.I have this strong feeling that Allah is really close to me.

This feeling came from me observing the things around me. What a perfect world this is. The oxygen mix, the balanced ecosystem, the raw materials that this world produces is all signs of the Creator.

Most of us take them for granted. Most of us complained a lot and show little gratitude to the Creator. It is no surprise that Allah does not give them the most valuable gift of all -peacefulness.

The heart must be pure. The good deeds must be done for the sake of Allah. We must consistently seek guidance from Allah, as He is the one who gives us guidance. Do solat on time and in jamaah. Guard your tongue from saying bad and hurtful things. Always remember Allah by observing the things around us. Look at the positive things in life. Speak the truth, keep your promise and be fair to people.

Read the Quran and learn them well. Remind people of the good things that they must do.

When calamity comes, be patient and seek help from Allah. You will DEFINITELY find peace entering your soul…
Let us all make doa to Allah to guide us to the right path and protect us from syaitan. We will be successful in this world and the hereafter.  

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