Sunday, October 13, 2013

At the busy city of Surabaya...and my 2 favourite surah in Quran

I was travelling in the busy road of Surabaya that I observed many unhappy people in their vehicle. They love to honk and were very impatient.

They look very tensed. Most of them do not have the smile and peacefulness on their faces.
Now I come to this conclusion, wheather they are from Surabaya or Kuala Lumpur, or any big city in this whole world, they are quite similar in thinking.

They strive very hard to accumulate as much material wealth as possible because, wealth is something that people look up to. It is a form of standard that has been in-build in most societies. The house they own, the car they drive are all part of social standard that have been accepted and they strive hard for. Bungalow and BMW are at the high end. Overseas trip on a business class, using platinum credit card and dining in a 5-star hotel are the benchmark.

No wonder people are always on their toes. Time is what they have little of. Priority time must be allocated to entertaining VIPs (or whoever can help them in their quest). Also they must ensure that they win against their "rivals" be it their competitors or whoever stands between them and what they strive for.

Until they are near their death that they finally found out that what they strive for is not going to follow them to their grave. Then the standard immediately change to rememberance of Allah, sadakah and doing good deeds. If these people are lucky, they will have the chance to make their hereafter better. If not, then let us all pray for Allah's mercy.

That is why Surah 102 (Takathur) & Surah 103 (Asr) decribes the current society problem beautifully in the Quran. The 2 surahs combined together the problem we face today, especially in big cities. These 2 surah are my favourite when performing salat

What is the link between Surah 101 & 104? Hellfire and (scandal mongers & back biters)

What a beautiful text linkage in the Holy Quran. No human can possible create that..ever

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