Saturday, October 12, 2013

Visit to Mount Bromo


From my previous blog, I found out that my grandfather came from the island of Bawean. It is a small island 150km north of Jawa towards Borneo.
I took the whole family (wife + 4 daughters) to Bawean. However, when we reached Jawa, the boat going to Bawean was cancelled due to engine failure. The boat trip to Bawean is 3 times in a week.
Anyway, I then planned a trip to south of Jawa, to a volcanic mountain of Bromo. It was a beautiful scene on top of the volcanic range. We went up the summit of Mount Panajakan (by 4x4) to see the morning sunrise.
Then we climb Mount Bromo, which needs a bit of effort to reach the volcano top. The volcano is still active with hot steam coming out of the crate.
I am sharing 2 of my favourite photos up on Mount Bromo. I wore none other than Manchester United jersey. Then me & daughters took the air-borne picture with the camera facing the sun. If there is the flash, then the picture will be clearer. Nonetheless, the picture showed our feelings.. 
Subhanallah, all praise be to Allah for creating such a beautiful mountain/volcanic range.
It was a very good family outing. The result is I am closer to my wife & the kids as we enjoyed the good things together & I always remind them to praise Allah when we observe HIS creations.
For mountain in Quran (Ghasiyah:19). "And the mountains, how they are fixed firm" 

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