Saturday, March 28, 2015

One person's misery did not prevent the neighbour from executing a well planned event

Malaysia and Singapore are 2 neighbouring countries which was once one nation.

On 23 Mar 2015, the founder of Singapore, Mr Lee Kwan Yew passed away.

On the same day, Johor Sultan was crowned in a historic ceremony and Johor state was given a holiday.

On 29 Mar 2015, the cremation of Mr Lee will be held. On the same day, Malaysia will host the most awaited event, the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix.

One nation's misery will not stop their neighbouring nation from postponing events that have been planned much earlier.

That goes with humans as well. Let say our next door neighbour passed away suddenly on a particular day. We have planned a wedding for our child on that very same day. We will not postpone the event by the passing of our neighbour. This is because the planning and preparation (not to mention the cost) is just too much to consider if we decided to postpone the event.

Ok, that is acceptable.

But what we need to realise is Allah is THE ULTIMATE planner. He Know what is in store and what will happen. Just ponder on both the dates and the events that happened simultaneously on both sides of the causeway.

Needless to say more, all of us will have to go someday.

I end this post by a tagline...

"When we come to this world, we cry and everybody around us are happy... Make sure that when we exit this world, we are happy and everybody around us are crying"

The worst thing that can happen to us is: when we die, the situation does not change from the time we came to this world

Ya Allah, make our ending  a good ending (khusnul khotimah)


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