Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My advice to my daughters when feeling down

I has been a while since I wrote about my 4 daughters.

They are very important to me. I shall give them ALL the support to ensure they lead a good life. Below are my advice specific to them.

This world, sometimes you will face ups and downs. That is life. It is never up and it is never down.
We need to deal with these situations. That is why reminder by our close friends/relatives is VERY IMPORTANT.

When we are down, like we think that we are not good, not doing well in our exams and feeling that we are not important, come back to Allah.

It is okay to feel down, but it is NOT OK to feel down all the time.

Just let the feeling sink in, and get back to your senses.

I am good. I do well in my exams and I am important to Allah and the people who are close to me. Talk to close friends/relatives about you feeling down. And these people will motivate you back to be feeling positive.

Just be aware that our LIFE is full of ups and downs. The key is your ups MUST BE MUCH MORE than your downs.

The solution - seek advice from close people and seek forgiveness from Allah. Then have a POSITIVE mind.

Insyaallah it works. Well... it works for me. That is why I share this article.

Aliah my eldest daughter is very beautiful and active in sports/activities. She loves cats. Taking Psychology at Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Aisyah my second daughter is very beautiful and active in arts and photography. She loves fashion. Taking Architecture at University institute Technology Mara (UiTM)

Ain Zahra, my third is very pretty and studying form 3 at SMKP Sri Aman, Petaling Jaya (High Performance School)

Anis Sofia, my fouth is very pretty and studying in Std 6 at SIM Darul Ehsan, Subang Jaya (Good Integrated School)

My daughters are my trustees. I am responsible to them.

Last bit of advice which they already know "Jangan lupa Solat"

Allah will take care of All of us

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