Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hafazan - Surah Mutaffifin

This 2015, I dedicated to achieve to memorise Surah 83 (Mutaffifin).

It has 36 ayaats in all, the longest so far in Juzuk Amar. The longest before this surah that I memorised was Al-Fajr (30 ayaats which I struggle)

I am determine to achieve this with my sheer determination, for the sake of Allah

Looking back in time,
2012 - Memorise Al-Buruuj
2013 - Al-Insyiqaaq
2014 - Al -Infitaar
2015 - Al-Mutaffifin

Make doa for me please. With Allah's help.. insyaallah I will succeed. I have until 2359hr 31 Dec 2015 to achieve it (that is if I am still alive at that time..)

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